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Dan WilliamsCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer & EOS Worldwide Coach

Hey @Nirmal Gyanwali53!

I'm looking forward to our focus day :)

I recommend using Traction Tools56 or Ninety.io61 to keep everything EOS related in one place - VTO, Level 10, Accountability Chart etc.. 

I've had some good experiences with HRIS tools like Employment Hero and believe in keeping those types of interactions in a purpose built application. 

We will work through the Quarterly Conversation tool - 5-5-5 eventually and this will give you a great tie down for your team.


Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

@Nirmal Gyanwali46 happy to chat about what I have seen other companies doing for HR. Based on what you have said, you may find better value with an EOS specific software like Ninety.io56. Ninety has all of those Rocks/Measurable/Performance tracking, and then incorporates it into Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews (your HR aspect). 

When I see companies using a dedicated HRMS - its typically something they set up before starting their EOS journey, or they are huge and need some of the compliance aspects that those can offer. Just what I have seen! Curious if anyone here has other opinions.

Nathan Gyaneshwar
CEO and Visionary @ Marketboomer

Hi Nirmal,

This is an ongoing urge, to implement technology solutions, to get the benefit of EOS.

1 year into our EOS journey with a team of 30 moving from a starting score of 63 to 88 now, I have found using the tools in their simplest form gets the biggest results, fast. If your leadership team is communicating often and building trust around the EOS methodology within your entire team, then wins come with the basics.

For the HR piece, my personal experience has been an Accountability Chart> GWC> Scorecard with individual numbers, is the foundation. Rocks, GWC reviews... (More)

Hi Nirmal -

Are you using the People Analyzer and EOS suggested Annual Review form? I have a client with 22 employees who was considering an HR package at the beginning of their EOS journey, but realized once they started doing Quarterly Conversations and using the People Analyzer, they didn't need the system. In their case, they were looking for the HR system to drive accountability and improve communication -- things they (and other managers) should be doing with their direct reports as part of LMA. What they really needed was the right people in the right seats.

Christine is... (More)