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The Operations and Finance components of businesses typically have documented processes that are adhered to.  Sales and marketing on the other hand are a bit more wild west when it comes to repeatable, inspected processes and expectations.

Do you have a separate sales and marketing Level 10?



Hi Kyle,

Issues are added on the fly during your L10 as you review your scorecard, rocks, customer/employee headlines, and ToDo's, and anything else that's important for the team to talk about. On average you'll have 5 to 10 new issues added each week. You'll probably have 3 to 5 leftover from the previous week.

One of the main reasons you are adding issues is to get your off-track numbers, off-track rocks, and unhappy employees back on-track. Sometimes it's just an update to keep all your people in the know.

Yes, there are issues that the leader can and should... (More)


(Reformatted from @Victoria Cabot )

The Art of the SOLVE in 8 Nuggets:

Here are tidbits to help you “IDS” more effectively.

  1. Issue Source: All Issues come down to a weakness in one of the six key components. Pull out the EOS model (round circle). Look at your Accountability Chart. When you’re stating the issue, strive to get to root cause in one sentence.
  2. Issue Set-Up: "Who. Who. 1-Sentence. Outcome." "Who is talking? Who are you talking to? What do you need? When the issue is set up, say, 'I'm Valerie, I'm speaking to John. Our new Customer Service associate... (More)