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Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
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I love this question Jeanet!

Just had this discussion the other day with a client. They were stuck. Everyone in their industry operates very similarly to the others.

So, we broke it down a bit more...

Starting with a reminder of EOS Pure... always start here. What I'm offering up are just a few deeper dive questions in case you don't nail them...

  • Your 3 Uniques being your value proposition, your differentiators
  • 3 things that make you different and better (from the perspective of your target)
  • You can have one or two but not all 3 as the same as... (More)

I didn't find EOS until 17 years into running my company - but I can tell you that the biggest mistake we made in those first years was trying to be everything to everybody. Basically if we had the skills to do something we'd do it. Our marketing message was so muddy that prospective buyers were not even sure what we did.

It took me a long time to get here, but now I look when looking at the 1 and 3 year goals, I break down each initiative into rocks and assign budget and prerequisites to each. So, we... (More)

I love EOS and their structure

my experience is working thru the VTO and building a clear vision 


I never had a clear vision until EOS helped me clarify it.