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Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
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There are always lots of metrics you can track. The trick is finding the right ones that provide the most value, specific to your business. In one of my past companies, we had what I thought was a killer KPI doc - many tabs, lots of metrics, and even cool trend graphs. But, we spent way too much time reporting and not using most of the info. I wish I had EOS back then.

That said, here are three that I love... that might be ones to consider for you. Certainly, follow the EOS approach first. After you've got your... (More)

I love EOS and their structure

my experience is working thru the VTO and building a clear vision 


I never had a clear vision until EOS helped me clarify it. 

Here are a few thoughts - and I would think about this in the context of what you are hoping to accomplish. These are supposed to be leading indicators of your marketing, so I like to look at things like

  • Organic Traffic Growth
  • The conversion rate on the site
  • Size of your MQL/SQL list that you can nurture
  • Deals/Opps that marketing helped create

But, this really comes down to details about your b2b industry. i.e. deal volume, velocity, and the organizations you are selling to.