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Measurables (Everyone has a #)
Measurables (Everyone has a #)
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Jason C Roelofs
Next Level Software Leader | COO - EOS Integrator for Xeo Software

One of our top clients is a government contracting consultancy, Coley.4 They work on both services & product based contracts and we've been working with them to develop a suite of applications to support their customers. Some of the metrics that they're supporting are contract proposal submissions, win rate, hours billed, products sold, products in top position, products within 5%, submitted modifications and other more standard financial measurements. I'm not sure if any of these would be helpful. I'm sure I could connect you with someone over there who would have a much greater depth of knowledge on it if... (More)

Tiff - Great question, it almost always comes up during the Annual when the org check up is reviewed.... "how do we come up with a number for everybody?"

The solve I have seen a bunch of clients implement is taking this issue to the next 555 for folks who do not have the Number. Spend 5 minutes on Core Values then Spend 5 minutes on Roles and ask:

"Hey, what do you think is a good weekly thing you can measure that will make you know you had a great week?"

The key is to Flip the Script, to... (More)

We just changed our scorecard to daily  "lead measure" actions/tasks. For CIO: 1. have a conversation with a teammate regarding a new innovation 2. talk to staff and learn the obstacles 3. teach innovation to a teammate 4. execute an innovation reporting task

New product ideas per month/quarter 

Revenue generated from the innovation in the last 12 months 

Number of value differentiators created

Contribution to Price increase of the product/service due to innovation