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Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

Great answer from @Jim Haviland73! Only thing I would add is less non-profit specific and more about looking at your Accountability Chart. By looking over each person's roles, you can think about "How will I know if they are succeeding or failing in any one of these roles" on their seat. Those ultimately become your Scorecard metrics.

On our team we had everyone come up with at least 5 for their seat, brought them all to a meeting and then talked about which ones we thought were important enough to keep as our Scorecard. It's evolved over time but... (More)

Hi Maggie,

I work with a couple of non-profits and this seems to come up every time. I recently shared the following note with a nonprofit with the same question:

On the matter of Scorecards for non-profits, I have a number of perspectives to offer. The power of the scorecard is in giving the leadership team insight into whether things are on plan or adjustments to activities are required - and knowing it with sufficient advance notice to be able to do something about it. As a general strategy, that applies to any part of any kind of organization.... (More)