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Professional EOS Implementation
Professional EOS Implementation
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Tina Bolyea
Customer Support at EOS Worldwide

Hi Sherri,

Thank you for your question. Philip Pfeifer is a wonderful certified EOS Implementer who has an excellent response to your question.

Here's what he suggests:

For starters, the leadership team should implement EOS and specifically create an accountability chart, start running a weekly Level 10 Meeting and create their Vision using the VTO using the Proven Process. This will solve the accountability and communication for the company.

Separately, the board should decide how often it wants to meet and should create an agenda that ensures all of the board members are on the same page. They should review... (More)

The Mike Morse Law firm is a contingency fee firm. It’s one of Gino’s clients, written about in the book Rocket Fuel. Mike has also published a book about his experience titled FireProof. I would give your potential client a copy of that book.