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Quarterly Pulsing Sessions
Quarterly Pulsing Sessions
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Instructions from our EOS Implementer (Gino):

Please read each item, having a virtual session will be different. If we all do the following it will be a great session.

In preparation for the Virtual session:

· Wear solid clothes, no bold stripes.

· Eat before the session so that you are full when we start.

· We will break for 15 minutes around noon for you to grab and/or prepare your lunch and we’ll have a working lunch together.

· Make sure that you are in a room in your home that you have complete silence and no distractions. It... (More)

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Tracy Lindbergh, CNP9 - one thing that I've heard of that seems to be working is splitting the quarterly up into different 2 hour segments over a couple of days. Pluses and minuses to it, but from my experience with my current clients, it seems to be working.

Tracy Lindbergh, CNP
Executive Assistant, Integrator

An additional data point for consideration of why we choose to hold quarterlies at the beginning of a new quarter is that our leadership team meets with their direct reports to set their personal rocks at the end of a quarter so when they attend the quarterly they have on their radar all the most critical items within their team while setting the institutional rocks for the quarter. We tried it the other way around and our leaders found it more helpful for their teams to inform the quarterly rather than to direct them to focus on what the leadership... (More)

Hey @Darrin Jahnel13 , in my own implementation I started out doing quarterlies at/shortly before the end of a quarter but found it more beneficial for my team to do them after we closed (financially) a quarter.  Of course, we also adjusted our quarterly rock due dates accordingly.