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Similar question to Andrew's previous question below - How does everyone handle the next steps (To Do's) for prior week Issues? We often can't solve an issue (from IDS process) in one week, but we only have the next week's action (To Do) listed to begin to solve the issue. When is the right time to follow up on the next "To Do" to solve these types of "older" issues? Does the older issue get added to the updated IDS list (any new issues were added during the L10 meeting)? If it doesn't get prioritized during the time allotted for... (More)
I have a couple questions on level-10 meetings. Sometimes we have to do's that come out of issues that are longer than 7-days for one reason or another. Do these still go on the To-Do's, do they go as rocks, or somewhere else? Do some people put to-do's that are longer than 7 days?

Also, are you not supposed to update or add to your rocks during the quarter? Only update them at the quarterly review?



  1. Sign up for the first seven days of the task as a "To-Do." For example if the objective is to schedule, prepare for and complete a meeting (with an employee, customer or prospect), simply make scheduling the meeting a To-Do.
  2. If the issue doesn't need to be tackled RIGHT NOW, considering putting it on the Issues List for your Quarterly and making it a Rock.
  3. Resolve it outside your EOS Compartments (Goals, Rocks and To-Dos). You were probably tackling and completing projects or initiatives before you began implementing EOS - use whatever approach works best for you and stay... (More)

Dear Stephen,

Super normal question, comes up ALL THE TIME.

Ask Neil about SANDBAGS - basically Mike's item 3


Uncle Walt