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Hi, Eduardo -

Scorecard measurables should be forward-looking as much as possible. In other words, what activities do you do on a weekly basis that will help predict the future? Are there issues you are trying to solve, such as on-time deliveries, or ingredient waste? Having owned a café in the past, here are some measurables that may, or may not work for you. Your scorecard should have a democratic representation of measurables; front-of-house, to back-of-house.

  • # of Covers
  • Ingredient Waste $
  • Average ticket $
  • # Future Reservations
  • Sales/Person Hour $
  • Labor % of Sales
  • Avg. # Minutes from placing... (More)

@David Robinson39, The Metiss Group partners with EOSI's and companies on the People Component of the business. We have a unique process to establish the appropriate Accountabilities, Priority, % of Time, and What success looks likes which can then be used as a live performance acceleration tracker.  Let me know if worth a conversation.

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Adam Little45 - I like to start with the question "at the end of the week, what results do you look at to determine if you had a good week or not?". From there, drill down to what the actions are that lead to those results and develop metrics around those actions. I also think it's critical to involve the people in the department that are being measured so everyone is on the same page. @Ken DeWitt42 wrote a great blog post a while back that I refer to when I get stuck.