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Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Jenn196 - there is a Facebook group called EOS Self-Implementers Unite! and a lot of the members are Integrators. The best resource I've found so far is Rocket Fuel University (www.rocketfueluniversity.com544). It's a community of Visionaries and Integrators that do exactly what your talking about. In addition, there a live monthly Q&A call facilitate by Mark Winters (co-author of Rocket Fuel). There will also be some exciting news related to this coming out soon. There is also a group called the Integrator Community ( that has a monthly meeting with a guest speaker and then breakout rooms that are facilitated... (More)

Darrell Amy
Visionary, Growth Architect

Interesting question. I like the think about communicating in terms of the outcomes this creates. (After all, nobody actually buys a product or service, they buy the outcomes the product or service enables.)

For example, communicating the value of a visionary might include:

  • Innovation: Working with our business means that there is always someone surveying the landscape to bring new ideas to our clients...

Communicating the value of having an integrator might include:

  • Consistent Execution: Our clients enjoy consistent results because our team is led by an operations-focused professional that we call our integrator...

I'd like to give this some... (More)

Jason C Roelofs
Next Level Software Leader | COO - EOS Integrator for Xeo Software

While I too have not tried rolling out EOS in this large of an organization, I have worked with companies who were rolling out agile project management practices in a similar fashion. In this case they created Scrum of Scrum teams for each region and had a member of each on a similar global team. So basically global leadership and maybe even department teams, that have a representative also in a regional L10 who also has a representative down in regional departmental L10s. You want to have traceability between each level of teams, whenever you get a break where a... (More)