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Hi Kevin

"Hitting the ceiling" explains that doubling the people in a group increases the communication by 500%.

HOD and Team Leads need to be in a Departmental meeting for sure. But anything beyond that is decided on whether you have a line of communication with your contractors via at least one person in your Departmental leadership team. If you do have that person that it is best not invite invite everyone.

EOS relies on high trust and right people in the right seats. This critical for success, EOS is a great system but it will not solve all your... (More)

Hey @Michelle Mayes145, I've been self-implementing over the last year for two of my companies, ProList and SnailWorks. I have the same sense regarding the Segue, however, in my case everyone else in the meeting is different so I don't mind repeating it--in fact, I've been known to think of a different "best" between meetings! One thing I don't get in your case is your comment on Rock updates. I would assume any Rocks you would have for the Leadership Team would be different from any Rocks you'd have for any other teams. Perhaps you shouldn't be updating Rock... (More)

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Michelle Mayes146 - clarifying question - what seat(s) do you sit in on the Accountability Chart? I agree with @Dave Lokos147 in regards to the Rocks, you should really only be providing updates on Rocks that relate to the level your meeting with.