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EOS One User Group
EOS One User Group
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EOS One is now in beta testing! This group is to discuss feedback on features, roadmap ideas, etc.

I was working on creating a scorecard and it has to be linked to a meeting so I can currently only score once a week. I was looking for daily on some of my scorecards. Is there a reason we should not do this daily or is it just a function that does not have full capabilities yet?
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We are continuously working on our EOS One beta to make the software the best it can possibly be. Here's a sneak peak of where we are going.

All of EOS in One Place

We have launched quite a few products over the last few years. We've launched Rocket Fuel and Boss workshops and communities, we've added a conference in London, launched the EOS Life book with the journal and planner, and quite a few more things. The result of this "product explosion" is we have made it challenging to navigate all things EOS.

Here's how we plan to bring it all together:

You'll notice the drop-down menu in the top right. This menu will contain access to all EOS based on your user profile and what you've... (More)