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Jeanet WadeCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer
Asked a question 3 years ago

Does anyone have an incredibly unique Unique (3 Uniques in the Marketing Strategy of the V/TO) they would like to share? (intellectual property, zone of unfair advantage, powerful process, etc.)

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I love this question Jeanet! 

Just had this discussion the other day with a client. They were stuck. Everyone in their industry operates very similarly to the others.

So, we broke it down a bit more...

Starting with a reminder of EOS Pure... always start here. What I'm offering up are just a few deeper dive questions in case you don't nail them...

  • Your 3 Uniques being your value proposition, your differentiators
  • 3 things that make you different and better (from the perspective of your target)
  • You can have one or two but not all 3 as the same as your competitors
  • Your unique combination of your 3 makes you different
  • Why would your 5 best customers choose you?

We got to some solid ideas after the discussion questions above, but the team still felt they were generic and they couldn't say that another competitor didn't have those same three or the same unique combination.

So, we dug deeper...

  • Knowing we want these three to be a common thread that runs through your marketing and sales communication, let's take a step back and think about your target customer
  • Let's think about an individual experience of one of your best customers - pick a product or service
  • Let's role-play - who here knows that customer so well, they can get inside their mind for a moment?
  • We then proceed to dive into some questions...
    • When and where were you when you first thought about needing ____ (product or service the company offers)?
    • Explain your surroundings to me...
    • What was going on at the time?
    • What initial need sparked you looking for a solution?
    • .... and so forth...

Basically, we dive into more open-ended questions until we can paint a picture of their unique experience. You can interview more than one person. You can call actual customers too. People love to share and feel valued when you ask. 

From that, it's helped up provide a deeper view of our target and customer profile. Starting with the customer in mind, we're then able to take a look at how we uniquely serve them. 

  • What stood out to the customer in our experience together?
  • What was different than what our competitors offer?
  • What mattered most to them in purchasing / working with us?

You get the picture. It's an eye-opening exercise that can certainly help if you're feeling that you don't truly know your customer and you're not sure how to really dial in your 3 uniques. 

Just remember, you actually have to live and breathe those uniques. They truly have to be YOU, not what you want to be. When you nail that, you certainly stand out above and beyond any competitor. 

Before EOS, I ran a marketing agency. This is just a bit of our approach to dialing in our customer profiles. But, it's super powerful. Definitely stick with the EOS pure approach first. If you've landed it, great. But, if you're not feeling great about them, use this exercise to go deeper and nail them.

Happy to answer any questions about this.

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