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EOS Process
Sherri Neasham
EOS Implementer
Asked a question 2 years ago

EOS and Consulting Firms with billable hours

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Jason C Roelofs
Next Level Software Leader | COO - EOS Integrator for Xeo Software

I'm not sure what specific inquiry you were intending to make. However, based on other's comments, I'd have to say I think the concern that running EOS and committing to the Meeting Pulse would negatively impact billable hours is somewhat unfounded. It assumes that people are 100% effective in the use of their time during normal working hours to feed the company's bottom line. Having tracked time use pretty religiously over a decade, I've found that 75% is closer to the norm and that in what I would consider a high performing organization. Also, the clarity in purpose and results from consistent issue solving drive effectiveness during the other work hours. I look forward to any other feedback you could give to flesh out what you are looking to address. Thanks and have a great day!

Dan WilliamsCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer & EOS Worldwide Coach

Hi @Sherri Neasham155 the majority of the leadership teams I work with face this. The 5 days out each year are a factor, but they can usually adjust their roll out and rock load each quarter to ensure they're available. Over time they are able to improve data, process and people to the point where they aren't relied upon for billable time and get to do it as a choice. I experienced this first hand too as an EOS client before becoming an implementer. Feel free to contact me directly to go into more detail. 

from @David Elbe via comments: We implemented EOS when we were heavily dependent on billable hours. Initially our billable hours decreased, but over time we were able to a) raise prices and b) increase performance / billable hours for the rest of the team - more than enough to compensate for the "lost" time in meetings. I think the key is to look at it long term, just as any company-wide improvement.

Aren't we all really relying on "billable time"?  We don't have extra people who do what our leadership teams do so any time any of us takes away from the business likely results in a revenue reduction. I'm expecting we'll become so much better that we will receive an ROI in a short time.