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Steven Maichak
Team Manager
Asked a question 9 months ago

Hello everyone. My Rock for the quarter is to research 'New Manager Training' program options. Essentially, our company has recognized we need some sort of training program for entry level managers. Ideally, the program would cover topics such as LMA, best practices for data tracking and documentation, organizational skills, etc. As part of the EOS family, I'm confident you all understand what we're looking for. Does anybody have any suggestions for new manager training programs that might work for us?

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Here are some recommendations I got from the implementers in my network:

EOS Worldwide puts on How To Be A Great Boss workshops. More info here:

Also implementers do half day workshops for rolling out EOS to entire organizations. Contact an implementer for more info (both Crystal Faulkner and Andrew Turner offered to take a call and talk about it).

Finally, some implementers do custom programs that seem to be what you’re looking for. Specifically, Patrick Metzger said he does this and would be happy to chat.

I can't say enough good things about Mary Pat Knight -