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Asked a question 5 months ago

How can we get a meatier issues list? We are self-implementing EOS, and are about 6 months in. In our weekly meetings we spend about an hour on issues, but none of them seem very life-changing, and sometimes we all stare at the list on the screen and none of them seem real critical or urgent. What do you do to unearth the kind of issues that a group of leaders can hash out for 10 minutes or an hour and feel like they've made an impact on the business? We're rating ourselves 7-8s most weeks.

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You aren’t alone. Part of the evolution of any EOS company is the issues list improving. If you haven’t rolled out EOS to lower levels it will happen there as well. Here are a few questions that might be helpful:

  1. Is the vision big and exciting enough? I couldn’t generate a very meaty issues list for going to the grocery store. But the issues list for going to Mars would be HUGE!!! Start here.
  2. Are all of your rocks and metrics on track? If not, there are some issues. If they are, are your goals challenging enough?
  3. Is the team mining for issues throughout the week? Walk around. Talk to people at the water cooler. You will see threads to pull EVERYWHERE. Just catch the symptoms. You can get to the bottom of it during the “identify” portion of the meeting.

The issues are there, you just need to get them to the surface - ask open ended questions - How might me? What's holding us back? What are we tolerating? 

Are there any scorecard items that are red but don't feel solvable - dig in deep, ask what if questions, challenge your assumptions