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Asked a question 2 years ago

I've been self-implementing EOS in two of my companies. I will be having my first Annual Session for one of them in January. I'd appreciate some input on how the session might deviate slightly from the Implementer Guide if we utilize the online Org Checkup. Also, while one of the pre-Annual session emails lists the agenda, do you ever encourage for teams to think about SWOT, etc, before the meeting?

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(added as an answer, from @Cesar Quintero123 )

Hi Dave! In general, the more prepared people come to the annual, the better the conversations are, and thus the quality of planning / predicting. I'm all for people preparing for SWOT and Org Check up before the session, but remember that the magic happens when we share our scores/ideas around the table and then the group elevates it in conversation, reflection, and eventually in solves.