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Asked a question last year

Is there a facebook group for Integrators yet? If not, would anyone be interested in joining one if I created it where we could bounce ideas off each other, ask questions, etc?

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Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Jenn171 - there is a Facebook group called EOS Self-Implementers Unite! and a lot of the members are Integrators. The best resource I've found so far is Rocket Fuel University (www.rocketfueluniversity.com507). It's a community of Visionaries and Integrators that do exactly what your talking about. In addition, there a live monthly Q&A call facilitate by Mark Winters (co-author of Rocket Fuel). There will also be some exciting news related to this coming out soon. There is also a group called the Integrator Community ( that has a monthly meeting with a guest speaker and then breakout rooms that are facilitated by EOS Implementers. As well, there are several private groups on LinkedIn related to EOS. Feel free to reach out and connect with me on LinkedIn ( if you want to talk about any of these.