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Jenny Leman
Asked a question 10 months ago

Looking for an Integrator who's company has answered the following question: "How do we choose to weave Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) into the employee experience at {company name}?" This VTO issue is something I'm seeking input on from other companies who've gained executive alignment on this already.

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Hi Jenny,

I'm an EOSI that leads a company, Flexability LLC, focused on equity at work. I am happy to engage in a conversation with you about DEI as part of your V/TO. In short, we get agreement on the meanings and metrics for Diversity (who's invited to the table), Equity (activity/policy based intention) and Inclusion (impact of activities/policies on employees). I can be reached at either nancy.geenen@eosworlwide.com165 or njgeenen@flexability.com160 if you want to discuss further. As you know, as goes the leadership, so goes the rest of the organization.