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EOS Process
EOS Process
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Voted for Word of Mouth

My dad still owned the business at the time but I was running it. We both independently heard about EOS from our professional network within about a week of each other.

Steph Nissen
Integrator | Chief Digital Operations Advisor
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We met an Implementor through networking (Hey @Jeanet Wade41!). We did some work together and then she started us down the path of implementing EOS for ourselves. We are meeting with our Implementor again soon to get us back on track! 

Hi Andrew,

We too are self implementing, have about 35 team members and do engineering, sales, installation, manufacture, software, etc. Very tricky when you are highly vertically integrated and have a lot of complexity for a small organisation.

We have people filling multiple roles in the accountability chart. Today I am the CTO, Marketing Manager, CEO and shared services manager (HR, legal, insurances). My COO is also the Sales Manager, Production Manager and Procurement Manager. We are hiring a full time CTO at the moment, but don't expect the accountability chart to change, just some of the names in it.... (More)