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Tim Dini
Director of Operations

Hi Travis,

If you are certain your seats are well defined and accurately aligned with your business, I recommend using the Culture Index220. We just performed a CI assessment of our leadership team and are so impressed by the results that we're adding it companywide.

I highly recommend specifically reaching out to Sumeet Chahal (schahal@cultureindex.com191)


Michael Phillips
EVP Business Development


I would enjoy having a conversation with you to see if I can share some insight. Just as an fyi, The Metiss Group partners with entrepreneurial leaders on the people component of EOS. I reached out via Linkedin as well.


Get it, Want it, and has the Capacity for it.
Get it = Knows what the job function in that seat on the Accountability Chart entails, what's required to perform well, and what are the risks and stakes in the job.
Want it:  Has good reasons to make a case for the seat.
Capacity = Brings forth the necessary knowledge and experience for the job and has the necessary credentials to match the role.

Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

@Queenverly Legaspi169 Since we use Ninety.io185 we have the Accountability Chart in there and we run Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews from there since its all connected to that and the company Core Values which give you the components of the People Analyzer. 

We started with our Leadership team, but now run them in all departments. 

Then when we are hiring we can build the seat on the Accountability Chart and then run the Quarterly Convo with the person 30, 60 or 90 days into the position depending on what is needed oversight wise.