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Dan WilliamsCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer & EOS Worldwide Coach

Hello @Queenverly Legaspi5 I recommend that my clients complete a full People Analyser including GWC company wide every 90 days. The individual results should be shared with team members as a part of their quarterly conversation (5-5-5), the team members should self assess too. Self assessment helps to embed the process, values and keeps the Accountability Chart front of mind. Other things you can do is celebrate values and promote peer recognition. I'm also a fan of displaying the Accountability Chart where possible. Ultimately you help to raise awareness by providing team members a copy of "What the Heck is... (More)


Get it, Want it, and has the Capacity for it.
Get it = Knows what the job function in that seat on the Accountability Chart entails, what's required to perform well, and what are the risks and stakes in the job.
Want it:  Has good reasons to make a case for the seat.
Capacity = Brings forth the necessary knowledge and experience for the job and has the necessary credentials to match the role.


GWC™, which stands for Gets it, Wants it, and (has the) Capacity (to do it), is one of the core tools in EOS®, helping leaders determine if someone is in the right seat on their Accountability Chart.

For additional insights on GWC: