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Diane Mentzer, PMP
Integrator and Director of Projects/BD

Two of the many things I'm very thankful for are the Rocket Fuel book and Rocket Fuel University! They helped me find my tribe, Integrators. It feels wonderful to know what I've been doing my whole career is actually a thing! I also love EOS and am very thankful for the system and the tools that help us implement.

Peter Martino
Professional EOS Implementer

Jason, Great question! I'm grateful for so many things. We beat cancer 15 years ago this month and now have 4 healthy, loving children. We're blessed to be a part of a wonderful communities that lift us up when we need it most like our Church, our extended family, and our EOS community. These have all been a God-send and I can't imagine doing life without these people by our side. the EOS Life is REAL. God bless you all! Have a great weekend.

Hi Jeff - Glad to see you here!

There are a number of ways to look at this... Consider questions such as "Are we completing our Rocks and hitting our Scorecard numbers?", "Are we pushing ourselves hard enough?", "Am I giving my team the time and attention I should for them to be successful and develop?", "Am I able to perform all the Roles in my 3 seats to the appropriate level in a reasonable amount of time each week?", "Am I spending as much time as I should on things I enjoy most and that are bringing the most... (More)

Jason C Roelofs
Next Level Software Leader | COO - EOS Integrator for Xeo Software

Hi @Jeff Allain6 , Congratulations on all that you and your team have built thus far. One tool that could help inform your decision is having everyone in the organization take the organizational checkup and seeing how much work others in your organization see it needing. Of course, there are a wealth of Professional EOS Implementers on here that could dig in and help you find the answer to this as well. Having some outside perspective and objective data would likely help you find the right direction. P.S. Love the website!