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Hey Kris, 

I get this all the time.  My teams use a Word or Google Docs template and share it with their team.  It's such a personal tool that I wouldn't want to attach versions.  It's meant to be a tool that is constantly updated, not a snapshot in time.


I get this question a lot. So, I thought I'd pass along my typical reply...

  • Use Ninety.io42 if you will actually use it - like any system, it only works if you do
  • I favor everyone using it - here's why...
    • Simplicity - everyone on the same page
    • Meetings - the meeting tool is incredible - just by running your meetings with it, you'll stay more on track due to the simple timer. For those that are new, it helps remind you of the agenda and order of things. I've seen teams quickly make up their own modified agendas -... (More)