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Process Followed By All
Process Followed By All
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Steve Waddell
President / CEO / Visionary

Interestingly enough, I was seeking something similar and did a Google search. Here are 3 examples from an attorney firm that uses EOS. THe onboarding new hires process is actually pretty detailed and interesting:

Also, I ran across this article where someone documented in great detail the traction book and if you think about it, some of the sections almost document processes. While these are not the core processes listed by Traction they are processes. For example, issue management is a process. As are meeting management and process management if you really think about it. Anyhow, here's the list... (More)

Make sure you FBA, Followed By All. Everyone has been trained on it, your leaders are leading, managing and holding their people accountable around it, you have updated any scorecards around it and you are verifying they are doing it every 3-6 months. The entire company has to bring the marketing strategy. Everyone needs to know the 3 uniques. Bring it!