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David Lormor
CTO & EVP - Wyndy + Alysyn | EOS Self-Implementer

Hey Philipp -

We're in the SaaS/app space and have been using "strict" Scrum for a couple years now. We're also about a month into our EOS journey as well. First off, I'd love any additional insights from folks further along in the journey!

From my perspective, the rocks align nicely with the "new" Scrum concept of The Product Goal. Additionally, I think rocks serve as a "compass" to ensure that your sprint goals and product iterations are aligned with the needs of the overall business.

One related area that I'm curious to understand better is how to align solving... (More)

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Jenn22 - there is a Facebook group called EOS Self-Implementers Unite! and a lot of the members are Integrators. The best resource I've found so far is Rocket Fuel University (www.rocketfueluniversity.com71). It's a community of Visionaries and Integrators that do exactly what your talking about. In addition, there a live monthly Q&A call facilitate by Mark Winters (co-author of Rocket Fuel). There will also be some exciting news related to this coming out soon. There is also a group called the Integrator Community ( that has a monthly meeting with a guest speaker and then breakout rooms that are facilitated... (More)

Tom Geen18 — To echo what Rick Pelletier19 said, the Accountability Chart will definitely be your friend during the transition. There are a few softwares out there (namely Traction Tools and Ninety) that can help you manage the Accountability Chart in the cloud, making it accessible to everyone in the org while you work through the transition. I work for one of those softwares (Traction Tools), so if you have questions or need help connecting with an EOS Implementer, feel free to reach out.